Cyber Flirting and Cheating

Cyber affairs

Cry, baby cry

Cyber flirting and cheating is becoming in the world of today.

Since we all now have a 24/7 access to internet

thus making us accessible to anyone,anywhere,anytime..

an acute flirt can really become chronic.

While many say its nothing when it comes to the words u write while chatting because it does not feel as if you are premeditating a move towards cheating,

and while many condone themselves to a small talk with perhaps someone you have a crush on eventhough ur already tied up or even married to another person, and kononnya(as if) u wont even dare to talk to that person real life,

cyber flirting and cheating often do not receive the kind of guilt that u have when u talk to another some one face to face.

But really, is switching on ur pc or lappy to find ur ym popping up automatically with a hello from the person that u have a crush after all this while (and it actually made ur heart light up)

not as bad as

getting into a car to a rendezvous somewhere?(at least this one stirs guilt in u)

I used to think cyber flirting is harmless too..but like evryone else i soon realize that i was wrong.

Facebook,chatting,twitter, email, are fast becoming the way of life instead of a mere lifeless cyber world that exist for u to just stay in contact.

I heard so many couples fighting over facebook and the rest.

I myself had personally experienced it first hand.

And by the way do u know that that people can secretly pull out ur private messages in facebook, print it out and hand it over as proof without you authorising and without your consent. This is a real life story that i heard.

No one ever really warned us bout this new reality of life. But yea, it happens.A lot.

Cry, baby cry. Make ur mother sigh. She’s old enough to know better. So cry, baby cry.



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